Le Tour De France comes to Yorkshire

Le Tour De France comes to Yorkshire

le tour de france courseLe Tour De France is one of the biggest yearly events held today and this isn’t just because cycling is growing in popularity rapidly it’s that it is a traditional event, it’s a test of motivation and strength and it’s mainly a test of character. Since 1903 the Tour De France has been held in France and the course has been the perimeter of France for over 100 years. In 1903 Maurice Gairn won Le Tour De France for the first time and was rewarded with a leather satchel and money but little did he know that he was the first in a very long line of legends.

In 2013 a young man called Marcel Kittle got 1st place in Le Tour De France on the 21st of July. 2013 was the last year that Le Tour De France was fully based in France because this year there will be a massive route change which goes from France to the UK and back round down to France which is going to change the whole event or better yet create a new one. If the courses keep getting progressively longer then eventually the whole world would be involved in Le Tour De France which could be just as dominant as the world cup.

This year Le Tour De France is going through Leeds, Harrogate, Knaresborough, York and Sheffield. Throughout Knaresborough there have been bikes spray painted a bright yellow colour and hung up on walls, signs and even houses. Marigolds café, Knaresborough have renamed their famous boats for the Tour De France. People are also showing support by making jerseys matching the team colours this year. The course goes straight through Knaresborough then up through Harrogate and eventually to Sheffield.

Earlier this month we had the infamous Knaresborough Bed Race, also an annual local event, which accumulated about 20,000 attendees to watch the Bed Race. For the Tour De France numbers expected exceed to around 300,000 people throughout Harrogate and Knaresborough not counting the viewers at home.

All of this preparation and support for the tour’s first year away from France really shows how interested and enthusiastic about the Tour De France coming to the United Kingdom. The 5th and 6th of July is when Le Tour cycles through Yorkshire and is going to be the breakthrough that Le Tour De France needed to boost the popularity of the event.

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