Travel Rules Changed

Travel Rules Changed

Did you know the rules on flying are changing for electronic devices?

The Sunday Times driving magazine (13/07/14) ran an article informing of the upcoming changes.

This covered how passengers will have to show a device works before being allowed on-board with it, or have it confiscated.

Thankfully the Skross Pro+ USB world travel adaptor, which was featured in the article as a solution to the problem, has you and your customers covered. This mighty travel adaptor and charger works in over 150 countries and charges anything and everything that can plug into a USB charger.

Skross Pro+ USB World Travel Adaptor

Don´t have access to a plug socket or need to charge on the go?

How about the Skross SOS power pack, it can charge a mobile phone for up to 7 hours talk time on the go. Perfect for when there´s no time to sit around and wait for a device to charge (say with a plane to catch!!).

Skross SOS power pack

We also offer branding options, have your logo travel the world!


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