2 & 4-Port USB Chargers available

2 & 4-Port USB Chargers available

Just in time for the summer holidays, we have a range of brand new and practical 2 & 4-port USB Chargers which are now available!

It’s hard to imagine a household which does not use USB devices these days. Whether it is a smartphone, tablet or e-book reader, one device or another has most likely become a permanent fixture in your home. These 2 & 4-port USB Chargers are powerful and can be used in the home or on the go and allow you to free up plug space which would be otherwise used by multiple devices.

These USB Chargers come with either a Euro, UK or US plug, which makes them useful for use in any countries that accept these standard plug types. The USB Chargers have a smart charging function that enhances the charging time tremendously on your devices. Any cable that utilises a USB Type A plug can be used with the 2 & 4-port USB Chargers including Micro USB, Mini USB, Apple Lightning Connector or USB 3.0 Type-C.

We recommend not waiting too long with your order since we only have a limited number available to us.

See the range of 2 & 4-Port USB Chargers...

2 & 4-Port USB Chargers


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