The First British Safety Standard Against Travel Adapters

The First British Safety Standard Against Travel Adapters

The standard that came in was BS8546 and was introduced in 2016, and has been enforced since early 2017.

UK Promo companies and retail shops have faced product recalls, customs and trading standard issues since, due to non-compliant Travel Adaptors and our goal is to offer a product solution.

Currently SKROSS travel adaptors are the only approved for sale on the UK market and we are proud to supply them.

Our certification is available on request. 

Some people aren’t aware of BS8546 but most people will try and find a way around this new standard as it is very strict, expensive and difficult to comply.

The aim of the new standard is to protect the consumer from using unsafe Travel Adaptors when plugging in their UK plug into the adaptor overseas or protecting users traveling into the UK with their devices. At the end of the day we are playing with the mains electric and any cut corners in quality can be fatal.

This new standard is quite complicated due to it being the first of its kind!

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We have tried out best to condense the 80-page British Standard document to 6 pages.

If there any more information or explanation you need just get in contact!

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