World to UK Travel Adapter

SKROSS® World to UK Travel Adapter

Great Britain, here I come!

The Country Adapter World to UK is ideal when travelling to countries that use the UK plug standard. You can use it to connect all your 2-pole and 3-pole devices on your travels.

World to UK Travel Adapter
SKROSS World to UK Travel Adapter
SKROSS World to UK Travel Adapter
SKROSS World to UK Travel Adapter
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The SKROSS® World to UK Adapter is the ideal single country travel adapter for use in countries using the UK mains plug standard. A neat compact UK travel adapter for those occasions when connection to the UK style 3 pin socket is required. With universal plug input, this UK travel adapter is a cost-effective solution - and still with all the quality and safety assurance of the Skross range.

The SKROSS® World to UK Adapter

You can connect your 2 & 3-pole devices from more than 150 countries, with sockets for Switzerland, Italy, Australia/China, USA and Europe. Simply plug your device in to the UK Travel Adapter and then plug the adapter in to the mains socket in the UK. So as well as your phone, camera and mobile games console, you will be able to plug in your iron, electric toothbrush and laptop as well.

SKROSS® Travel Adapters

All of the SKROSS® products that we distribute from the UK are designed in Switzerland and boast unrivalled safety and quality standards. This is a high quality, cost-effective UK travel adapter for use by people all over the world.


Device Suitability

This UK travel adapter is suitable for all earthed and unearthed 2 & 3-pole devices. Including the following:

SKROSS® DeviceCameraGPSShaverLaptopMp3SmartphoneGame ConsoleHairdryerCamcorder

  • Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs (2-pole & 3-pole)
  • Sockets for: Switzerland, Italy, Australia/China, USA, Europe
  • Output plug: UK
  • Input voltage: 220V - 240V
  • Max. load: 13A
  • Power rating: e.g. 220V – 2860W / 230V – 2990W
  • Replaceable fuse

Device Input
  • Australia / China 2-poleAustralia / China 2-pole
  • Australia / China 3-poleAustralia / China 3-pole
  • Euro 2-poleEuro 2-pole
  • Europe 3-poleEurope 3-pole
  • Italy 3-poleItaly 3-pole
  • Switzerland 3-poleSwitzerland 3-pole
  • USA / Japan 2-poleUSA / Japan 2-pole
  • USA 3-poleUSA 3-pole

Device Output
  • UKUK

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