How do I use my RockPod speaker?

How do I use my RockPod speaker?

N.B. In order to use the RockPod Bluetooth it is necessary to connect to your Bluetooth enabled device or MP3 player. Please therefore ensure the Bluetooth is activated on your device before attempting to connect to the speaker.

Please press and hold the on button for 3 seconds to activate the RockPod, the blue LED will then flash to show the RockPod has been turned on. From your Bluetooth enabled device player perform the “search new device” function, after a short while the RockPod should be discovered as BT Speaker.

Select the connect function from your device if not prompted automatically, at which point you will be asked for the code – please enter 0000. Following this your device should have connected successfully to the RockPod.

Very occasionally, due to interference in the radio spectrum at the Bluetooth operating frequencies, the speaker may not connect at the 1st attempt, in which case simply repeat the procedure and success should be achieved after another attempt. Once connection has been achieved you are ready to Rock, simply hit play on your music device and listen to the RockPod rock!


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