Voltage converter / transformer

Voltage converter / transformer

Please note that our travel adaptors are not voltage converters – they will supply the same ’type‘ of electricity as the mains in the country you are in.

For electric devices (see above) this is not normally a problem, but some products designed to work on 230V (European voltage) will not work properly, or at all, if only plugged into 110V supply.The reverse is also true Therefore travellers need to be aware of the mains rating of any products they are travelling with.

Electronic devices typically use transformers (see above), which are usually designed to cope with any input voltage from 100-240V, therefore use of such devices is no problem, and our adaptors enable flawless operation of these devices in conjunction with their power supplies/transformers/chargers.

Which voltage is standard in which countries?

The USA and a few other countries such as Canada, Mexico and Cuba and Japan, as well as some countries in the Caribbean, have a standard input voltage of 110 V to 120 V. An input voltage ranging from 220 V to 240 V is standard everywhere else.

What happens when the voltage is incompatible?

If the voltage is too high for the device in use, the device might be damaged or the cable might start to overheat. If the voltage is too low, use of the device might be restricted or the device might not function at all.

Example: in the USA, a European hairdryer might only produce a cool and weak airflow, whereas an American hairdryer in Europe might overheat and be damaged.


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