Which adapter is the right one for me?

Which adapter is the right one for me?

Before purchasing a travel adapter, you should first decide which devices you will be taking with you and where you want to use them.

  • Are these 2-pole devices or are you going to take more powerful equipment with you on your travels ?

    The Classic and Evo World Adapters are specially designed for 2-pole devices, all other adapters from SKROSS can be used with both 2- and 3-pole devices.


  • Will you always be travelling to the same area, or should the adapter cover as many different countries as possible?

    The world series of adaptors covers over 150 countries worldwide. The specific country travel adapters are designed for the appropriate individual area.


  • Do you also want to charge your USB devices directly with your adaptor ?

    All our World Adapters are also available as USB variations. Our product portfolio also contains the World USB Charger.

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