Why are SKROSS adapters the safest on the market?

Why are SKROSS adapters the safest on the market?

For all SKROSS products, the desire to comply with internationally relevant safety standards is at the forefront of the entire development and production process. This is the significant difference between SKROSS and its competitors.

Hazards for both users and devices can be totally eliminated if the correct adapter is used properly.

With some low quality adapters, it is possible that sparking can occur on the inside of the product under certain conditions, if, for example, the minimum distance between the individual current-carrying components has not been observed or if these have not been adequately fixed. This sparking can lead to voltage fluctuations or voltage peaks which can damage or even destroy the connected device. In extreme cases this can also lead to fires.

All devices tested to IEC standards offer the highest possible safety for you and your equipment. All SKROSS adapters comply with the highest international safety standards, certified by Electrosuisse according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) norms.


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