Why do I need a travel adapter?

Why do I need a travel adapter?

You will primarily need a travel adapter or travel plug when you travel to countries with a mains socket system which is different to your home country.

You can also use our World Adapter if, for example, you buy a camera on your holidays and this uses a different mains plug system. With our World Adapters you can also connect this device at home without any problems, and they are also useful if you have visitors from overseas who wish to use their electronic equipment here.

The USB variations made by SKROSS are even more useful! You can use these to connect your USB devices to mains power whether you are at home or on holiday, no need to charge them via your computers USB port.

The country adapters are especially useful if you travel regularly to a particular destination, or even have a holiday home there. You can fit your mains sockets with the country adapters, which means that you can use all the equipment that you bring with you from home.


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