Travel Adapters and USB Chargers

Go Distribution offer a range of high quality world travel adapters and USB chargers, from our range of SKROSS® products (we are the UK distributor of SKROSS® products) to our very own Go Distribution Compact World Travel Adapter, you can choose from the very best products available in terms of quality, safety and design standard.

Distributors of World Travel Adapters and USB Chargers

From our warehouse in North Yorkshire, Go Distribution work with our customers in the UK retail market, online resellers and promotional merchandise industry to deliver high quality products from stock - ensuring a quick turnaround on any order.

Wide range of travel products

Our range of products takes you from a simple, single USB car charger which allows you to charge your USB device through your car’s cigarette lighter socket, to an all-in-one world travel adapter with two USB charging points in the form of the World Adapter EVO USB.

Our extensive range of products allow you to pick the right product for any type of situation - whether for use at home, in the car or travelling the globe. 

Our chargers for USB devices range from a simple, single or dual USB car charger to detachable clip-on chargers for use with a number of our products. Each product offers slightly different functionality and charging abilities, ranging from simple one-country plugs to those that you can use in over 150 countries with built in dual USB charging points. All products are lightweight, compact and comply with all relevant international safety guidelines.

High Quality SKROSS® products

The SKROSS® range is designed in Switzerland and offers unrivalled reputation in terms of both safety and quality standards. Their patented all-one-country slider system allows you to use the products in over 150 countries: the retractable plug system allows you to choose which plug to use for the socket of the country you are in - so there’s no longer any need for lots of travel adapters!

You can use the SKROSS® travel products to plug in or charge a range of electrical devices, from cameras and camcorders to smartphones and tablets to hairdryers and shavers. The USB chargers allow you to charge your USB device across a variety of situations, including in the car, through plug sockets and even without any access to power at all - thanks to the SKROSS® SOS Battery.

A number of our products are suitable for use with iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod with either USB or Lightning connections. We show the suitability and usability information on each of our product information pages, confirming which devices can be charged safely.

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