SKROSS® World Adapter MUV USB

World travel adapter with integrated, dual USB charger

This innovative 2-pole adapter can be used in over 150 countries and functions as both a travel plug and USB charger for travellers from all over the world.

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World Adapter MUV USB
SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB
SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB
SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB
SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB
SKROSS World Adapter MUV USB
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The compact, versatile, and very clever World Adapter MUV USB from SKROSS® can do three things at once: while the world travel adapter provides the correct connection for your electrical device the built-in USB charger module charges up two USB devices - all at the same time.

Integrated Dual USB Charger and World Travel Adapter

The integration of a dual USB charger with a world travel adapter is a first for SKROSS® and offers unrivalled power and flexibility: during the charging process the mains connection of the adapter is available and can be used without restriction. The dual USB port provides a total of 2100 mA of charge current, sufficient energy to charge two USB devices easily - even whist another device is connected via the adapter.

SKROSS® World Adapter MUV USB

The World Adapter MUV USB from SKROSS® is suitable for all USB devices as well as two-pole devices from over 150 countries – simply plug your device with sockets from Australia/China, Euro, UK or USA/Japan, in to the travel adapter before choosing the plug you need to connect to the mains: thanks to its patented all-in-one country slider system, you can choose from over 150 countries, including sockets for Australia/China, Euro, UK and USA/Japan.

Designed in Switzerland by SKROSS® the World adapter MUV USB offers unrivalled safety and quality standards which can be seen across the SKROSS® travel adapter range.

Device Suitability

This world travel adapter and USB charger is suitable for all unearthed 2-pole and all USB devices:

SKROSS® DeviceCameraGPSShaverMp3SmartphoneTabletGame ConsoleCamcorder

  • Suitable for equipment with unearthed plugs (2-pole)
  • Sockets for: Australia/China, Euro, UK, USA/Japan
  • Integral Dual USB for charging 2 USB-devices at the same time
  • Retractable plugs: Australia/China, Euro, UK, USA/Japan
  • Input voltage: 100V – 250V
  • Max. load: 2.5A
  • Power rating: e.g. at 100V – 250W / 250V – 625W
  • Integrated fuse
  • USB output 5V / 2100mA
  • Colour: white

Device Input
  • Australia / China 2-poleAustralia / China 2-pole
  • Euro 2-poleEuro 2-pole
  • UK 2-poleUK 2-pole
  • USA / Japan 2-poleUSA / Japan 2-pole

Device Output
  • Australia / ChinaAustralia / China
  • EuropeEurope
  • ItalyItaly
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • UKUK

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