Pocket Speakers and Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Go Distribution is a distribution company providing a selection of the best speakers to the UK retail market, online resellers and promotional merchandisers from our warehouse in North Yorkshire. From Bluetooth speakers to speakers with audio jack, each product offers outstanding music quality with a truly powerful sound, allowing you to listen to music anywhere - in the park, in the garden or when travelling.

Unfortunatly this product is no longer stocked but may be available on request!


Distributors of mini speakers

The built in speakers in mobile phones or laptops are good enough for listening to phone conversations or short videos, but the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. All these devices - games consoles, tablets and MP3 players have a 3.5mm audio output jack socket allowing the connection of an additional speaker. Other devices will have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your music wirelessly to the speaker. 

With its own rechargeable battery and amplifier, our speakers plug into your device, significantly amplifying and enhancing the sound. Using a clever design, they increase the bass creating the impression that you are listening to a much bigger loudspeaker.

Choose from a single speaker, for ultimate portability, the two piece stereo speaker, or our flagship speaker - RockPod Bluetooth that pairs with any device that supports Bluetooth. Each product offers a slightly different specification and can be used with a range of devices, including smartphones, iPhones, tablets, PCs, MP3 players, iPads and more - just check the product page for full specification. 


Our RockPod RockPod Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the top of the range portable music speaker; with Bluetooth connectivity and high capacity Li-Ion battery offering hours of music playback, it has a long life once charged and when you do need to recharge you simply recharge it from a USB socket. The in-built amplifier and signature bass expansion system delivers a high quality, powerful sound from the 3 watt speaker - the sound quality will astound you from such a small and mobile device. Our second RockPod product offers similar functionality, this time with an audio jack which allows you to use a cable to connect your device to the music speaker (cable included). 

Go & Rock

The Go & Rock speaker is a single speaker with connectivity via the USB cable - used for playing music and charging the device (cable included). The Go & Rock stereo speakers has a similar specification but introduces a second speaker for a more enhanced music experience. 

High quality sound

All Go Distribution products offer high quality design and safety standards and these products are no different; compact and small in size with an excellent, unrivalled sound quality, these mini speakers are a great product for use in multiple locations. Add in the long-life rechargeable battery which delivers long-life playback and users will be enjoying music when travelling or out in the garden. 

Additional RockPod features

The RockPod portable speakers come equipped with an array of additional functions including the ability to receive phone calls through the speaker; it has a fully featured speaker phone with built in MIC, so you can call and use the high quality speaker for your conversation. Simply make a call with your phone and (if playing) the music will fade away to be replaced by the call, end your call and the music kicks in again.

If someone calls you while the RockPod is playing music, then again the music fades to be replaced by the ring. You can answer the call either from the phone, or by pressing the telephone key on the Rockpod, once you have finished your call you can hang up from your phone, or by pressing telephone key and the music will pick up where it left off.

Volume can be controlled either from your device, or from the RockPod, simply press and hold the + button to increase the volume to the desired level, or the – button to reduce. Track selection can also be made from the RockPod, the >> button moves the selection forward one track, and the << button goes back one.

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